Heck yeah buns!

The game I’ve been working on is finally being revealed at PAX!!
If you’re in the Seattle area and are going to PAX make sure you head up to the 6th floor and check it out!!

Here is a promo poster I worked on for the game. :]

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I went to Sakura-con this last weekend and had a great time!
I took some photos of my friend in her Zelda cosplay and thought I’d share them with everyone! :D

She also has a Tumblr over here!

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Did this back in school. 
Captured Bigfoot in the style of Adventure time.

Some more doodle sketches.

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During this last year of school I’ve had the opportunity to work at a company called Nation9. I helped in the development and building of an interactive book platform for Unity3D that can be deployed on both Android and IOS.

This is one of the titles we made. :)
It’s called “Out of the Question”. You can check it out here!

I was responsible for compiling assets, creating sprite animations, creating animations, putting all the assets into Unity, painting edits… I did basically everything except the coding, the original illustrations, and the music. :]

The music and sfx where done by my co-worker M.J.!
Check him out here!

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I don’t think I ever posted a final image of this guy. He was my Junior project character for school.

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I haven’t posted in forever… because of life and work and thiiiiiiings… but here is a thing I’m doing for Chrono Disfunglement

It’s a pretty spiffy puzzle platformer game where you can control time~ (/O_O)/
The setting is like this trippy space time zone… thing… so we decided we’d do Hexagons for the platforms rather then squares!! :v
I had to keep in mind the need for reusable assets for making more levels…  this was the out come. Every piece is built from a single 512x and every piece is modular. You can make any size platform you could dream. Doesn’t matter the height or the width. It would all work seamlessly! Also there are path pieces for any direction you could want to go!! I’ll post the modular parts later.

Still WIP.

More to come!

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Some renders of the lab environment I’ve been working on for school. These are all real time shots out of Unity3D.

Here is a link to the actual project that you can enjoy:
—— Link to the Lab ——

I was trying to do a real time cutscene in Unity with heavy focus on the Environment and Character… so sorry for my animation quality. I’m no animator, but I tried my hardest!! :P

It has audio, so don’t forget to turn on your speakers! Although, it might be loud. So don’t turn it up to high.

Thanks and enjoy! 

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WIP of the environment in Unity. I’m still trying to work out the lights and shadows. Going to put the animations in tomorrow.

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